The Vision

His Holiness Swamiji has a vision that people all over the world should be joined together by the bonds of love like a Universal Family and that every human being should be satisfied, healthy, honest and happy and should experience a sense of completeness. Many Divine Souls are waiting eagerly to be born on earth in the days to come. They should get worthy parents and thus enabling all mankind to move towards a spiritual revolution and create a golden world where the river of joy, peace and love flows.

It is with this pure desire that Swamiji distributes his priceless knowledge of vibrations to everyone without any expectation - generously and free of charge.

Samarpan Yog of the Himalayas
Autobiography of a Realised Sage
- A Spritual Journey.

This Book Series is the autobiographical narration of Satguru Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji's spiritual journey, This is a living scripture being written by a living Satguru.
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The Meditation

Meditation is a universal technique that clears one’s mind

The Master (Guru)

His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami is a living saint of the 21st century.

Kundalini Energy & Chakras

Kundalini Energy is that innate Divine Energy that enters our body

Research & Clinical Studies

Science and Research of Meditation Programes


Swamiji's discourses, divine messages, his spiritual journey, question and answers in form of Books, CDs

Events and Programs

There are many events that happen every year like Guru Poornima, Chaitanya Mahotsav