Subtle Body of His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami

A Guru performs such prolonged sadhana (spiritual practice) while existing in the physical body that after the death of this physical body, its energy continues to exist in the form of a subtle body. Normally, the creation of such a subtle body occurs 25-30 years after the Guru’s departure from the physical body.

There are many subtle bodies in the universe but to give any form to the subtle body one needs a connection to the physical form.

In the past, these two bodies (physical and subtle) never existed together. A physical body is bound by limitations however a subtle body can exist in any part of the world and anyone can get connected to it. With the progress in Guru Element for the first time it has happened that, the physical and subtle body of a Satguru co-exist at the same time. This is an advanced stage of the Guru Element. The Guru Element cannot be bound to any body and exists beyond the limitations of a body and can take different bodies at different times.
His Holiness Swamiji suggests that we must keep our attention on His subtle form as it is His energy form. Many sadhaks (Meditators) have experienced this subtle body of His Holiness Swamiji. In fact, one sadhak from Navsari, Gujarat received a vision of the subtle body while in Meditation and then painted the adjacent picture of this subtle body.

This is how anyone who makes a pure wish can get connected to this subtle form and progress spiritually. A person can connect to the subtle body initially, through the mantra, a picture or a recorded discourse.

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