Shree Baba Swami Dham

Before incarnation of every Guru-tatva (Guru Element), a sacred place is chosen in advance; which becomes the epicentre of divine energy. The Baba Swami Dham is not only the residence of our Living Satguru, but is also an epicentre of the power where His Holiness Swamiji has established the divine energy.

His Holiness Swamiji used to conduct Meditation Workshops at different places but there was no permanent place where He could return after various workshops all over the world. Also, there was no permanent place for the sadhaks (disciples) to meet him personally, as He was always moving from place to place. So, it was a critical requirement and pure wish of all the sadhaks to stabilise His Holiness Swamiji and the associated Energy at one place.

This sacred place was chosen at Mogar village near Navsari where in March 2002, one of the sadhaks donated his land for construction of the Dham and with the collective efforts of all the sadhaks from all over the world and blessings of Universal Consciousness a grand 'Baba Swami Dham' was built here.

Right from the beginning of the construction of Baba Dham, His Holiness Swamiji has been in the process of stabilising energy here. When the trenches of the foundation were being dug out, Swamiji kept sending radiant energy into every trench till the energy settled down. At that time Swamiji stayed without food or water for a whole month. It took almost a year for construction of this radiant place which is surrounded by green fields.

The energy is settled around 80 km of Baba Dham and Samarpan Ashram, Dandi is within this 80 km range, this whole area is filled with divine energy. In Swamiji's own words, "This will be an energy centre in the future. Our future generations will receive divine energy and experience flow of consciousness from here." This grand Baba Dham was inaugurated by His Holiness Swamiji on 8th November 2003, which is celebrated as 'Chaitanya Mahotsava', in the presence of more than 3000 sadhaks.

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