Her Holiness Gurumaa

Her Holiness Guruma is His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swamiji’s equal partner and also the first disciple who experienced and recognised His Holiness Gurudev’s divine form as a spiritual master. During the time of His Holiness Swamiji’s long, strenuous Himalayan penance and spiritual practice, she singlehandedly took on and managed the domestic responsibility and gave Him strong and fortified support. All mankind today has benefitted and been blessed by His Holiness Swamiji and the knowledge of Samarpan Meditation methodology, which has been restricted to the caverns of the Himalayas for the past 800 years, only because of her sacrifice and surrender.

Her Holiness is like the (kite) string behind the sky-high heights reached by His Holiness Swamiji. She has been a well-respected teacher. She has given us an ideal example by taking on the responsibilities of a teacher and householder and concurrently achieving spiritual heights. She is such a living idol of love and endearment in whose proximity not only humans but also animals and birds feel they are blessed. Blessed with a multifaceted personality, highly educated Her Holiness Guruma has great respect for cultural values in life and she equally takes great interest in nurturing the same. In her own easy and simple style, she explains His Holiness Swamiji’s profound spiritual talks and makes the same easily understood by all. ‘Shaktiswaroopa’ – Divine power personified – Her Holiness Guruma has always considered herself to be an ordinary sadhika (female disciple) and is a source of inspiration for the Samarpan family.

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