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~ H. H. Shivkrupanand Swami


'Madhuchaitanya' is the bi-monthly magazine of Samarpan Meditation. It acts as a bridge between its founder His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swamiji and His disciples. It carries His Holiness Swamiji's and Her Holiness Guruma's blessings in the form of articles especially written for the magazine and discourses delivered at Samarpan Meditation workshops and functions. It also includes articles on Science and Spirituality and Culture, spiritual experiences of followers, poems and songs and answers to spiritual questions from sessions with Swamiji and Guruma.

The Samarpan meditation technique was introduced to create a new world order and Madhuchaitanya is being published to reach out to every person on earth, with the objective of creating a feeling of being a part of an Universal family - 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' - amongst all human beings.

Showering His Blessings on the 1st issue of 'Madhuchaitanya', His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami had said, "Come! Let us all begin the task of creating a new world order together. My Blessings to 'Madhuchaitanya' on its 1st step - May it spread the Nectar of Consciousness to the whole universe."

The first issue of 'Madhuchaitanya' was published in Hindi in the year 2001. Thereafter, the English edition was started in the year 2004 and the Gujarati edition has recently been started in the year 2010.

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We are happy to introduce our new website by presenting here some excerpts from the very 1st quarterly July-August-September 2001 issue of Madhuchaitanya which was published in Hindi; the translation of these old original Hindi issues are also available in English, Gujarati, Marathi and Bengali.

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Sweet Memories

‘Madhuchaitanya’ is a consciousness filled source of Gurudev’s nectarine words. To say it in Swamiji’s words, ‘Madhuchaitanya’ is a bridge of affection between Swamiji and the sadhaks. It is in the form of ‘Mahuchaitanya’ that Swamiji’s immortal divine words and Guruma’s sweet and experiential tales reach as blessings for the sadhaks. The great work of bringing the spiritual knowledge of saints and sages of the Himalayas to the society began through the medium of Swamiji with a small workshop in Mumbai in the year 1999. ‘Samarpan Meditation’ reached Gujarat for the first time in January 2000. During meditation on the coast of Dandi, His Guru blessed Him by manifesting an ‘Om’ in the sky. The perennial fl ow of meditation began in many villages and cities of Gujarat and Maharashtra. This was formalised in April 2000 under the aegis of ‘Yoga Prabha Bharati (Seva Sanstha) Trust’. Swamiji went to U.K. for the first time in December 2000. Now the number of sadhaks went on increasing the world over. The need arose to issue a periodical of the organisation so that all sadhaks could benefit from the divine words of Swamiji. As Shri Ramesh Pandit was familiar with printing and publishing, he put forward the idea of a periodical to Swamiji. Approving the wishes of the Guru Energies that were brought forward by the sadhaks, Swamiji gave his hearty consent and named the periodical ‘Madhuchaitanya’.

With the blessings of Guru and pure wish of the sadhaks, all the formalities and the work of compiling literary content for the periodical began. The first issue was published in Hindi in the year 2001. Gurudev blessed it and dedicated it to Shirdi Sai Baba with an article on him.

Swamiji said that in every issue of the periodical, we will write the divine words and life story of an enshrined Satguru and the front cover will have a picture of that Satguru. Truly, how surrendered was He to His Gurus! He did not agree to put His own photo on the cover page. He always used to say, “Do not get attached to this body, connect with the consciousness fl owing from within.”

During the first issue, we were not able to write about Gurudev or write reports in chaste Hindi as we were Gujarati speakers and we did not have any major experience regarding this either. But all sadhaks collectively endeavoured as best they could. We did not know how to type in Hindi. Jayesh Pandit did a computer course and used to type every single word. A lot of errors used to crop up due to lack of knowledge about Hindi and computers and when the readers brought forward the errors we used to request them to take part in the Gurukarya. In this way, Ramesh Pandit performed the great Gurukarya of publishing the first two issues as his Gurudakshina (lit. offering to the Guru). This was very crucial at that time as the organisation had a lack of funds. All the work was done free of cost. The co-ordinators themselves used to organise the Shibirs.

The second issue of ‘Madhuchaitanya’ was surrendered at the feet of Swamiji’s Guru Shri Shivbaba and He thanked His first Guru. In this way we kept receiving the support of sadhaks in all ways - physical, intellectual and fi nancial. Samarpan had reached Canada and UK and the sadhaks there wished for Madhuchaitanya in English. After the Gurupurnima in 2004, the first Madhuchaitanya in English was available to sadhaks during the period of OctoberNovember-December 2004. At this time a need was felt to create an Editorial Board. This is how the Editorial Board was formed, in the words of Guruma:

“The first two issues of ‘Madhuchaitanya’ (Quarterly) were published by Ramesh Pandit and he surrendered it as a tribute at Gurudev’s feet. Thereafter, Yoga Prabha Bharti (Seva Sanstha) Trust took up the responsibility.

There were no issues in printing and distributing it but there were a lot of problems in getting the right articles for the periodical and also in typing them in Hindi. A lot of grammatical errors were also occurring. Despite all the odds, Shri Jayesh Pandit, Shri Ramesh Pandit and Smt Naimisha Lalaji were making full efforts to give the best form to the periodical.

One day Shri Dharmesh Shah (then World Leader of the Samarpan Family) and Shirish Virkar (then Trustee of Shri Shivkrupanand Ashram Trust) met at Shri Babaswami Dham. Virkar ji said, “The articles in the periodical are good but they are a little monotonous.” I said, “More attention needs to be given to grammar and the language.” At that time Dharmeshbhai said, “Why don’t we form an Editorial Board, so that these shortcomings can be overcome,” we liked the suggestion and even Swamiji gave his consent to it.

In the beginning, three Assistant Editors were selected for the three languages and they were encouraged to select volunteers to help them out. Even today, all of us at the Editorial Board wish for the new members to make new and positive suggestions and take Samarpan literature and ‘Madhuchaitanya’ to new heights.

Wish for all of you to play a part in the editorial work!
Yours, Guruma.”

From the issue of April-May-June 2010 onwards, ‘Madhuchaitanya’ was made available in Gujarati as well to cater to the needs of Gujarati sadhaks. Now the work for ‘Madhuchaitanya’ was gaining a lot of momentum. Even Guruma gave us a hand in this Gurukarya and sadhaks who were interested in the Gurukarya for literature were also contributing towards the work for ‘Madhuchaitanya’.

An interesting point is that we all had a feeling since the start that this is no ordinary periodical. This was because we were facing a lot of obstacles since the beginning. Sometimes we used to face delays in the printing, the other times it used to be the writing. So there was always a need for improvement somewhere or the other. The consciousness that flows from ‘Madhuchaitanya’ gives a high spiritual state to all the sadhaks. The divine consciousness of Swamiji flows in every household through this periodical. Those who read it benefit from it.

With the support of some young sadhaks, a website for Madhuchaitanya has been made available. It contains the earlier articles of Madhuchaitanya in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, English and Bengali. It is our wish for it to spread the world over through the medium of the internet. Electronic media is available very easily in the modern age. Sadhaks can also come forward and contact us to help us with the translation of the articles in different languages.

We are fortunate that divine consciousness is available to humanity through the medium of ‘Madhuchaitanya’. In fact, ‘Madhuchaitanya’ is a glorious manifestation of the Satguru’s words of blessings. We heartily pray for Gurudev’s divine consciousness to reach more and more human hearts and for them to be awakened. We would also like to pray for more and more Sadhaks to join this Gurukarya and attain spiritual heights; this is our heartfelt prayer at Gurudev’ lotus feet.

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Madhuchaitanya is my blessing to you..

~ H. H. Shivkrupanand Swami