Shree Mangal Murti / Auspicious Idol

The Shree Mangal Murti has been created in the likeness of Swamiji himself as per the directions of ‘His’ Gurudev, so that future generations may experience an affinity towards him and ‘He’ may prove to be a guiding light for them.

The establishment of the Shree Guru Shakti Dham is not intended to encourage idol worship or rituals, rather it is meant to be a permanent abode for Guru Energies so that any soul, seeking spiritual progress may easily connect with them.

The Shree Mangal Murti has been consecrated by Swamiji by performing Abhishek, i.e. pouring vibrated water over it on 8 consecutive Thursdays. The Guru-energies were invited from all four directions and the purification was done. On every Thursday, Swamiji would pluck a leaf from a tree and make a hole in it and place a flower upon it. The leaf was a symbol of the past of the sadhaks and the flower was symbolic of their future expectations. Thus, by placing this leaf and flower at his Guru’s lotus feet, Swamiji surrendered the past and future of all his sadhaks. During this process ‘He’ experienced an increased state of closeness with each and every sadhak and was able to see that this was not only his own last birth, but also that of his sadhaks.

The process of imparting ‘Life Force’ into such an idol is indeed a ‘balancing act’, since whatever is lacking in society as well as whatever is required in society - both elements need to be established into the idol, such that the idol becomes a provision for both.

The Shree Mangal Murti is established with an intention to provide divine consciousness to all seeking souls for the next 800 years. Thus, even though established now, its purpose is set for future generations.

The Shree Mangal Murti or Mangal Murti is a new invention of the Guru Energies, with the objective of providing Self-Realisation, simply by being in its presence. Following Self- Realisation, an aura- a protective shield gets automatically created around the sadhak, as every Mangal Murti is consecrated with this resolve.

Eight such Mangal Murtis have been created so far, to be established in different continents all around the world. This is so, in order that the energies do not centralise at one place and instead spread out to all parts of the world.

This place where the Mangal Murti is housed is a living space (jagrut sthan), an awakened space with positive energies, where every devotee can empty his problems and experience inner peace (atmashanti).

Dos and Don’ts:

  • The Shree Mangal Murti has been established so that you may sit in its proximity and absorb the divine consciousness; therefore, it is advised that you bow down in front of it only, and only when you are ready to surrender yourself completely.
  • To surrender means to merge one’s existence with that of the Satguru. Thus, you will be able to absorb energies from the Shree Mangal Murti only when you are successful in merging your existence with it.
  • This bowing and surrendering must not be at the physical level, rather it should be at the soul level.
  • Thus, if you go to the Mangal Murti with doubts, negative thinking or lack of faith, you will not be able to absorb any energy.
  • Light your inner lamp and go there with full faith.
  • Whilst coming for darshan, remain at the soul level, in a spiritually balanced state.
  • All the positive energies are collectively present here, and your pure wish can easily be fulfilled. However, maintain complete faith that it will get fulfilled.
  • Lastly, it is advised that you wish for pure spiritual progress instead of material aspects, for it would be a waste of such precious energies on the mundane and the perishable - whilst spiritual progress is eternal.

The 8 Mangal Murtis:

Shree Mangal Murti - 1

Place: Samarpan Ashram, Dandi, Navsari.
Anushthan: First Gahan Dhyan Anushthan, 2007

Special Characteristics:

  • This Mangal Murti will prove to be a Light-house (beacon), a Guide.
  • This first Shree Mangal Murti benefits the sadhaks’ Muladhar chakra and as a result, they obtain good health, freedom from thoughts of the past, freedom from addictions and impact the purification of their chitta.
  • If you approach this idol with a question, you will receive the answer to it in the proximity of Guru-Energies. In its presence, you will get the solution to all your problems.
  • Any soul that visits this place with a desire for self-realisation, will definitely receive it because of the Living Energies established there.

Shree Mangal Murti - 2

Place: Leicester, U.K.
Anushthan: Second Gahan Dhyan Anushthan, 2008

Special Characteristics:

  • The Shree Mangal Murti is made from a combination of five metals- gold, silver, copper, brass and iron. Now the Guru element always searches for the good in every sadhak and brings that particular quality to the fore and blesses him such that his whole life gets transformed. In the same way, although these idols are made of five metals, it is the gold that has come to the fore, which is why the idol always looks golden.
  • The second Mangal Murti was created to benefit the Swadhisthan chakra of sadhaks and helps them attain a thoughtless state.
  • This idol was created in India and then taken to the U.K. Thus it vibrates the energy of ‘attaining happiness through giving’.

Shree Mangal Murti - 3

Place: Canada
Anushthan: Third Gahan Dhyan Anushthan, 2009

Special Characteristics:

  • The transference of energies into this idol has happened in an extremely subtle form because this idol was meant to be installed at Canada which is very far away from India. Therefor,e a large amount of subtle energies was required to reach a place at such a large distance. Thus the energies of this idol are very subtle.
  • The third Mangal Murti was meant to benefit the Nabhi (navel) chakra of sadhaks. The feeling that others should also get whatever we have received, was established into it. Thus sadhaks experience contentment in its presence.

Shree Mangal Murti - 4

Place: Ajmer
Anushthan: Fourth Gahan Dhyan Anushthan, 2010

Special Characteristics:

  • The fourth Mangal Murti is meant to develop the Heart chakra. Thus, it awakens feelings of goodness and good-will towards everyone.

Shree Mangal Murti - 5

Place: Samarpan Ashram, Shiroda, Goa
Anushthan: Fifth Gahan Dhyan Anushthan, 2011

Special Characteristics:

  • This Mangal Murti gives a darshan (a vision) according to one’s spiritual state.
  • “The element of magnificence (viraat tatva) within you will be awakened after Anushthan of this Murti.”
Satguru Shree Shivkrupanand Swami

Shree Mangal Murti - 6

Place: Kutch Samarpan Ashram, Punadi, Kutch
Anushthan: Sixth Gahan Dhyan Anushthan, 2012

Special Characteristics:

  • This Mangal Murti has no identity of its own, it is void. In its presence, you will find your true self.
  • It is intended for the dissolution of your ego, that is, for your ego to end completely.

Shree Mangal Murti - 7

Place: Saurashtra Samarpan Ashram, Sindhavader, Wankaner
Anushthan: Seventh Gahan Dhyan Anushthan, 2013

Special Characteristics:

  • The need of today’s society is a ‘sense of security’. While imparting Life-force into this idol, the Guru Energies have established the element of ‘security’ into it. Therefore, when you establish inner-contact with this image, you will automatically obtain a protective shield.
  • You will experience a wheel of vibration originating from your left hand and going all around you up to your right hand and you will experience energy whirling around your entire body and this energy will guide you to self-realisation.

Shree Mangal Murti - 8

Place: Australia
Anushthan: Eighth Gahan Dhyan Anushthan, 2014

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