Shree Guru Shakti Dham / Abode of Guru-Energies

Paramatma is Universal Consciousness.

Creation, nurturing and destruction is a natural cycle inside of the divine designs of Paramatma. Thus ‘we are born’, ‘we are nurtured’ and ‘we perish’.

Souls connected to Paramatma incarnate from time to time as Mediums. They bring along abundant energies, yet have to take them back when they depart because very few suitable souls are ready to absorb these energies. This cycle has been revolving continually for several generations.

The Saints who engage in deep meditation during their lifetime generate Divine Energies and then leave it behind in the form of their spiritual body as a guiding beacon for future Saints.

However, these energies have their limitations and cannot offer guidance unless requested for. Alternatively, one can establish connection with them by persistently working towards them. His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swamiji who descended as a medium, used to ponder long whether he too would have to return with the divine energies garnered by him, that which had taken 800 years to descend into society! He prayed fervently to the Guru Energies; and for the first time, a new experiment was undertaken. A way was found to counter this predicament – ‘the establishment of the Shree Guru Shakti Dham’ (the Abode of Guru Energies), where the Guru could establish His energies before giving up His physical body.

His Holiness Swamiji received an indication from the Guru Energies to create a ‘Mangal Murti’ (Auspicious Idol) of Himself during his lifetime and transfer ‘His’ Life-Force into it. He was also directed to perform the ceremony of establishing the Life-force in eight such idols. He was chosen as a Medium for this divine project because he is a Guru of the present day, and the work of establishing the energies is taking place in the present.

A vibrant, energised place filled with consciousness would be created, where a sadhak could unburden all his problems and experience inner peace. The Shree Guru Shakti Dham would become an awakened place with positive energy, where the Guru Energies themselves would be present to hear the prayers of each and every person who prayed with full faith and a complete sense of surrender.

Thus, the first Mangal Murti was created and brought to the Samarpan Ashram at Dandi, Navsari - the fore-runner in a series of Samarpan Ashrams that followed. At a pre-decided event from 20th February 2007 to 5th April 2007, the Guru Energies were established into the idol by His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami.

His Holiness Swamiji performed such deep, meditative, spiritual practice for 45 days inside the Shree Guru Shakti Dham with the Mangal Murti, that its aura expanded day by day. By the third week, the Mangal Murti merged completely with nature’s energies and started absorbing universal energy.

The 8 Mangal Murtis have become mediums of ‘Self-Realisation’ and ‘Spiritual Progress’ for millions of souls across the globe. Now all ‘seeking souls’, even those that are going to take birth in the future and are searching for the spiritual path and spiritual experiences, will be able to obtain these divine energies regardless of race, language, religion, country or lineage.

This project has been initiated purely for the spiritual evolution of all, where sadhaks (spiritual seekers) obtain the seed of spiritual knowledge through live experience, and then cultivate it further through meditation into a tree of spirituality that shall benefit humanity at large.

The establishment of the Shree Guru Shakti Dham is not intended to encourage idol worship or rituals, rather it is meant to be a permanent abode for Guru Energies so that any soul, seeking spiritual progress may easily connect with them.

Visiting the Ashram

Samarpan Ashram is a vibrant place filled with Divine energy which accelerates the spiritual progress of sadhaks. The daily Ashram schedule consists of early morning and evening meditation, listening to audio/video discourses and service activities (seva). Swamiji has announced various schemes wherein sadhaks can stay in the Ashram and develop spiritually. One can stay in the Ashram for the duration of a year, a month or a week. The stay and meals are free of cost and are borne by the Ashram. Overseas sadhaks from different countries usually visit the Ashram for a month.

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