Samarpan Ashrams

Birth of the Ashrams

After descending from Himalayan Mountains His Holiness Swamiji had been imparting Samarpan Meditation teachings in Burma, Bhutan, Nepal and Sikkim for a number of years. In 1999 on invitation from a social worker He conducted his first Meditation Workshop in Nagpur, followed by Mumbai and in 2000 He was invited to Navsari, Gujarat which was destined to be the epicentre of his activities.

After completion of the Navsari Meditation workshop, one day Swamiji along with some sadhaks (meditation students) went to the seashore of Dandi (16 km's from Navsari) for Meditation. During this meditation session, an image of "OM" was formed by the clouds in the sky. OM is a symbol which represents everything (the entire universe); OM is the sound formed during the creation of the universe. Swamiji took this incident as an indication from his Gurus and declared that this was the place where an Ashram was to be established. Immediately one of the sadhaks from a nearby village generously donated 70 acres of land for the Ashram near the Dandi seashore. Thus, the first of a series of Ashrams was established at Dandi which was followed by Ashrams at Punadi (Kutch), Rajkot, Goa, projected at Ajmer in India and at Long Acres in the U.K.

The Sacred Place

Samarpan Ashram, Dandi is located in a natural environment along the shore of the Arabian Sea. It is filled with tremendous positive energy which benefits every individual visiting the place and the surroundings. This energy has an effect on everything - even the plants planted there grow at a much faster rate compared to other places. One can easily achieve balance and a good state of meditation in this ideal environment in the presence of the Divine Master.

The construction of the full-fledged Ashram is an ongoing activity. Currently a portion from the entire Ashram area is selected and developed. It was inaugurated by His Holiness Swamiji on 8th Nov 2005 during Chaitanya Mahotsava (Festival of Consciousness). The present facilities include:

The Gurushaktidham
His Holiness Swamiji's Kutir (Cottage)
Meditation & Discourse Hall
Sadhak's Kutir (Disciples Cottage)
Yagyna Shala (Sacred Fire Place)
Ashram Office
Nandini Goushala (Cowpen)
The fruit and vegetable gardens

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The Meditation

Meditation is a universal technique that clears one’s mind

The Master (Guru)

His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami is a living saint of the 21st century.

Kundalini Energy & Chakras

Kundalini Energy is that innate Divine Energy that enters our body

Research & Clinical Studies

Science and Research of Meditation Programes


Swamiji's discourses, divine messages, his spiritual journey, question and answers in form of Books, CDs

Events and Programs

There are many events that happen every year like Guru Poornima, Chaitanya Mahotsav