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    H. H. Shivkrupanand Swamiji
    Goodwill Ambassador
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    Samarpan Meditation
    Unique Meditation Technique
    To Awaken Your Dormant Energy
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    Kundalini Energy
    The Kundalini is the vehicle for the expansion of consciousness,
    enabling the individual to fully develop his/her innate potentials
    and experience the divinity within him/her

Samarpan Meditation

Life these days is increasingly driven by competition resulting in stress, dissatisfaction and lack of fulfilment. How then can one achieve Inner Peace, Happiness and Satisfaction in life?

Meditation is a universal technique that clears one’s mind and connects one’s inner energy to the Universal Energy, leading to the pure joy of being one with Universal Consciousness, and experiencing unlimited Peace and Happiness.

SAMARPAN MEDITATION is an ancient yet simple meditation technique developed by the Himalayan Sages for the benefit of the common man living in society. This powerful technique was brought into society, in the year 1994, by His Holiness Shivkrupanandji Swami, a divine, Himalayan Master, who continues to teach this powerful technique all over the world.

Samarpan Meditation is a unique practice, where, simply through a pure wish one can experience the awakening of ‘Kundalini Energy’, that ‘divine energy’ that exists within each one of us. This awakened energy connects with the Divine, Universal Consciousness which allows us to experience our own ‘innate divinity’ which in turn propels a process of INNER TRANSFORMATION within one’s Self.

Samarpan Meditation is a universal meditation technique to connect with the Universal Consciousness, it is beyond the realm of religion and is practiced all over the world. Samarpan means complete surrender (of negativity, of the ego and of thoughts of the past and the future) so that we may experience connection with the divine within our own self. When we completely surrender everything, forget our physical existence as a body and identify ourselves as a pure and divine soul, our mind becomes still, there are no thoughts and we reach a state of ‘Thoughtlessness’ which is the stepping stone to our ‘Inward Journey’.Thus, Samarpan Meditation does not involve any physical exercises and anyone can easily practice it; there are no restrictions of age, belief, background or lifestyle. It is a path for direct, individual experience of the Divine, Universal Energy.

Regular meditation brings about complete balance in one’s life thus facilitating growth of a person at the physical, mental, social and spiritual levels.

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The Meditation

Meditation is a universal technique that clears one’s mind

The Master (Guru)

His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami is a living saint of the 21st century.

Kundalini Energy & Chakras

Kundalini Energy is that innate Divine Energy that enters our body

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Science and Research of Meditation Programes


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There are many events that happen every year like Guru Poornima, Chaitanya Mahotsav